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The RULES for successfully completing the Lesson Planning in this forum
Students who completed the NSP Hybridized Instructor Development video based course using the textbook are required to participate in a Lesson Planning Classroom Exercise guided by the staff Instructor assigned to the course.

Login and introduce yourself to the class.  Give your ski area, how long you have been patrolling, tell us if you are a teacher in you full time vocation, and tell us what NSP discipline you plan to enter for instructor mentoring.

  1. Once a topic is chosen, it is up to the student to post their first draft.
  2. Your assigned ID Instructor will begin a discussion to help improve your lesson.  The goal is to PARE IT DOWN to fit the time-frame and improve you delivery of the primary learning objective.
  3. It is the student's job to join the discussion and help polish their own lesson drafts into a final product.
  4. Along the way, you are encouraged to join in an help your fellow classmates with ideas as they participate in their own lesson plans. Everyone benefits from watching each others process evolve.  Our goal is to help create an experience through collaboration where new instructors learn how to create and deliver memorable, skill-building objective based lessons that your students will find fun and engaging!

In summary, the primary rule is PARTICIPATE in the DISCUSSION with your classmates!

Go ahead and find your Classroom and POST A REPLY...

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