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Are you looking for an NSP Instructor Development Course?
New Hampshire Region has invested in building a responsive ID Staff that is dedicated to any students who REGISTER fot our ID couses.  If you register during the winter season, we guarantee you that we will help you complete your course as quickly as you might be motivated to do so.  We will travel to you ski resort to complete the final Face-to-Face teaching session. 

During the off-season, NH Region pools registered students into small groups with the face to face meetings.  We schedule these classroom gatherings during strategic times, often scheduling one in early September so that new Instructor candidates beginning a typical OEC Mentoring process can be ready to help during the typical Autumn OEC course time frame.

To become a Ski Patrol INSTRUCTOR, please follow this link to the REGISTRATION page and fill out the form:

After registration, you will receive a automated receipt guiding you to downloading the textbook and entering the NSP Learning Management System (NSP LMS).  The LMS is the same place patrollers go to do their annual Hybridized OEC Refresher.  In the LMS, you will find an 11 Chapter Hybridized Instructor Development course complete with video lectures and quizzes.

In the meantime, NH Region will assign an Instructor to contact you and guide you through the Online Learning process.  Together you will get through four separate steps that will put you on the path to becoming an NSP Instructor:

  1. Hybridized video presentation of the textbook with quizzes
  2. 6-Pack Lesson Planning practical session using NH Region's distance learning facility
  3. Gather for a Face-to-Face teaching session to deliver your lesson
  4. Receive your Mentoring Guide and learn about the NH Region Instructor support network, managed by the ID Staff.
These are the steps that lead you into the NSP Educational discipline of your choice to begin the mentoring process...

Follow the link above and REGISTER for an ID Course.  If you have questions, follow this link to email the email the Supervisor...

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