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Clip and paste this NSP 6-Pack template into your discussion thread and till in the blanks when you begin working on a lesson plan.  Better yet, clip and paste this template into your own documents after you have become an INSTRUCTOR.  The tools found in this area will remain sticky and everybody in the NSP organization can return here to access them in the future.  Feel free to comment on the lesson planning subject, NH Region ID Staff will moderate replies below, with the intention of only leaving the best comments or suggestions for future NSP Instructors...

Copy and Paste this into your REPLY and type in-place of the BLANK LINES:



I)  Set the Stage:  __________
II)  Concluding Objectives (can be a list):
  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
III) Content Delivery (what and how for each element, describe demonstration in detail): __________
IV) Learning Activities (describe what students will attempt): __________
V) Monitoring and Evaluation (describe what you expect students to correct with PIS method): Use PIS coaching method for every guided practice session. __________
VI) Summarize the objectives (describe what students should take away for future practice): __________


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