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Annoying Notifications & Unsubscribing
Students entering the NH Classroom Discussion Forums may find themselves automatically subscribed to the discussions in which they participate.  The default is notifications to your email address.  If these become annoying, then find the UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS THREAD link at the bottom of the thread involved.

No Notifications is my preferred choice.

[Image: AnnoyingNotifications.png]

I Choose no notifications because my participation in teaching courses here is supposed to be accomplished in mt spare time.  I like the ASYMMETRICAL nature of group based discussions.  There is no actual time that I am required to make my comments to the students.  I can arrive at 3 AM if that is the only available time in my day, and still be able to catch up on answering questions, or helping a student cut content out of a lesson to tighten up the focus and message.

ASYMMETRICAL means that everyone who participate comes in to participate as they can, as time becomes available.  As long as we all make our due dates with assignments, get our questions answered, and participate in the discussions to show the instructors that their assignments are on track (referred to as "checking for understanding") then visiting when you can accomplishes the mission of passing this course...

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