Region Directory

Position: Staff: E-mail:
Region Director Paul L. Kelly E-mail
Assistant Region Directors Lisa Kling
Carl Chaplin
Treasurer Lenny Edmunds E-mail
Secretary Ray Whitley E-mail
Northern Section Chief Lisa Kling E-mail
Central Section Chief Paul Kelly E-mail
Southern Section Chief Jeff Hayes E-mail
Program Advisors:
OEC Administrator Carl Chaplin E-mail
Senior OEC Advisor Dan Rodgers E-mail
Ski & Toboggan Advisor Don Messier E-mail
Instructor Development Advisor Lee Murphy E-mail
Mtn Travel & Rescue Advisor Craig Garland E-mail
Avalanche Advisor Avalanche Staff E-mail
Nordic Advisor Breanne Torrey E-mail
Young Adult Patroller Advisor Mark Kendrick E-mail
Certified Advisor Carl Chaplin E-mail
Alumni Advisor Pat Jordan E-mail
Medical Advisor Mary Valvano E-mail
Awards Advisor Alison Potito E-mail
Safety Advisor Robert J. Wright E-mail
Legal Advisor Eric Janson E-mail
Region Historian Paul Kling E-mail
Communications Advisor VACANT
PRO Division Advisor Pat Jordan E-mail
Lift Evac Advisor Advisor VACANT
Telecommunication Advisor Craig Garland E-mail
Women's S&T Advisor Sue Kelly E-mail
Special Olympics Liaison Gerry Clark E-mail
Webmaster Web Committee E-mail

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