OEC Module of the SENIOR PROGRAM (Sr. OEC) –Enhancing the skills of decision making, problem management and leadership as applies to OEC

OEC Module of the SENIOR PROGRAM is a Region wide educational training program that helps NSP members develop management skills to aid in the performance of their duties.  Attaining this additional level becomes one step for those Patrollers looking to advance to full SENIOR status as Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic or just Senior Patrollers.

National Ski Patrol’s “Senior Alpine Program” is designed for members who aspire to perform at the upper levels of skiing/snowboarding, emergency care proficiency, toboggan handling and other skills used while patrolling. In addition, the program prepares patrollers for leadership roles within the NSP.  Similarly, the “Senior Nordic Program” prepares patrollers specializing in nordic oriented techniques. Many patrollers who concentrate their time on emergency medical management activities without the skiing components participate in the OEC Module of the Senior Program to move onward into leadership roles.

The Senior OEC Program is a national education opportunity that allows members to participate in ski patrol-relevant exercises that are designed to develop and enhance the skills of decision making, problem management, and leadership as applied to the management of complex emergency care situations in a typical ski patrol environment. The purpose is to build on but not duplicate the Outdoor Emergency Care Program. Senior level OEC training provides an opportunity for senior candidates to gain new and different perspectives on their own style of leadership in more challenging emergency medical situations.

Training is an essential part of the program. Senior candidates are expected to spend a significant amount of time reviewing senior criteria and using the required knowledge and skills to practice scenarios on challenging, senior level terrain under various conditions in the patrolling environment. Senior candidates are encouraged to take advantage of clinics in which they receive constructive and corrective feedback on their performance.


Senior Core Component

For complete information and application forms for the senior program please refer to the 14th edition of the Ski Patroller’s Manual.  Application forms and Skills Completion forms can be downloaded using the links found below.

The OEC Module of the SENIOR PROGRAM is a national education opportunity that allows members to participate in exercises which are designed to develop and enhance the skills of decision making, problem management, and leadership as applied to the management of an emergency care situation.

Prerequisites:  Review basic OEC and CPR skills, submit written answers to 2 open-ended practice scenario problems, create one new senior level training scenario, and then practice and satisfactorily complete at least four (4) on-snow scenarios as a leader under the guidance of a Senior OEC Trainer-Evaluator (TE) in a training clinic or at your area (NH Region Senior OEC Staff can be contacted below).

Senior candidates participating in the evaluation will demonstrate their knowledge and abilities as they pertain to various elements of outdoor emergency care.  The final evaluation for the  OEC Module of the SENIOR PROGRAM is held annually in early March.

Please check the NH website Calendar for upcoming available training dates. Download the following documents to help prepare your training plan:

Senior Candidate Application
Senior OEC Module — Training Coordinator’s Manual
NSP Senior OEC Program (Appendix A)
NSP Senior OEC Skills Checkoff (APPENDIX C)
NSP Senior OEC Scenario Scoring Matrix (APPENDIX C)

You are welcome to participate in the training clinics without the obligation of taking the evaluation.  For more information please review the Ski Patroller’s Manual, or contact the Region’s Senior OEC Advisor by clicking the email link below:

Senior OEC Staff TE’s:

Position: Officer: E-mail:
Senior OEC Training Coordinator Ed Sargent E-mail

Position: Staff: E-mail:
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Ed Sargent E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Pete Kaufmann E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Paul Gangi E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Clay Caddy E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Gordon Carlstrom E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Lee Murphy E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Carl Chaplin E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Gregor Trinkaus-Randall E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Matt Fulton E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator David Aibel E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Kim Baker E-mail
Sr OEC Trainer/Evaluator Deb Brown E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Walter Hoeckele E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Alan McCartney E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Rick Rockwood E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator Bob Wright E-mail
Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator 0rest 0har E-mail