I’d like to take just a little time for a wrap up on our 2017 NH Region Patrollers Banquet held at Ragged Mountain Resort on April, 22, 2017.  What a great way to celebrate our organization and the NH patrol members who give of themselves to so many.

We had a good attendance with lots of patrollers and their spouses from many patrols throughout the Region.  There was plenty of time to visit and connect with individuals which some of us may have worked with during the season either through Toboggan clinics or training with OEC or just plain daily patrolling.  Great food was served for our dinner and desert was plentiful and sweet.  Our dinner table centerpieces were lovely donated potted flowers from Pleasant View Gardens.

After I presented my opening remarks and thanked the many individuals who helped make the event another success I snuck in a little surprise for all.  I garnered two brave volunteers to participate in a dance contest wearing a handmade Halloween mask.  Craig Baker and Kevin Donahue were such good sports to participate in the little skit.  I did present them with a joke prize for their efforts.

Our awards were started off with “Years of Service” presentations starting from twenty years and up to thirty five.  Then special recognition was announced for the very long dedicated service of several individuals.

Stefanie Costello – Senior Alpine Patroller

  • Forty Years (40):  Roger Hooper of Mount Sunapee
  • Forty Five Years (45):  Peter Kaufmann of Crotched Mountain
  • Fifty Years (50):  Dale Hardy of McIntyre Ski Area
  • Fifty Five Years (55):  George Ecker of Mount Sunapee

We followed with recognition of Senior Alpine Patroller achievement, this season Stefanie Costello of Pats Peak completed all her electives and modules.  Next the NH Region recognition for outstanding performance were awarded:

Outstanding YAP Alex Rousseau

  • Young Adult Patroller (YAP):  Alex Rousseau of Pats Peak
  • Outstanding Volunteer Alpine Patroller:  Deb Brown of Ragged Mt
  • Outstanding Large Patrol:  Crotched Mountain

Awards for meritorious service were presented to:

  • Meritorious Service Awards were presented to Ted Fitzgerald and Lisa Kling both from Ragged Mountain, for their dedicated service to the NH Region.

    Outstanding Volunteer Deb Brown

  • Blue Merit Stars awarded to Kevin Boulard and Sarah Carlstrom, both from Pats Peak, in recognition for saving the lives of skiers.
  • A Purple Merit Star was awarded to Alex Rousseau of Pat’s Peak for significant aid in the saving of a skier’s life.

There were also two special NSP “Angel Pins” given to Kim Bolton and Tina Fitzgerald, both from Ragged Mountain, for their continued support as non-patrolling members.

After the awards presentations, we had our fun door prize

Outstanding Patrol 2017 Crotched Mountain

drawing with many really cool items. Our selection covered a very large table and provides excitement, laughter and smiles.

Our last segment of the evening was our traditional Quilt Raffle Drawing.  The funds raised through this raffle are used to help augment the costs of providing Region Programs for patrol members.  Carolyn Schwarz, a Mount Sunapee Alumni member, won the quilt.  We raised $ 452.00 this year.  Thank you all for your help.

Meritorious Service Awards

Very last but not least, one individual at each dinner table had a special colored flower tied to their chair and were chosen to take the centerpiece home with them.

Blue Merit Star Kevin Boulard and Sarah Carlstrom (not pictured)

Purple Merit Star Alex Rousseau

I do hope all attendees had a wonderful time with us this year.  I personally thank all of you for your continued support of the NH Region NSP and our dedicated patrol members for their contributions to the skiing public.  See you on the slopes next season!