We are upon the time for thinking snow and patrol duties… NOW?  Where did the summer go?

I better get in high gear and hop on the train to the mountains and the slopes.  I would like to suggest to all my fellow patrol members to get involved this year in one or more of the great programs the NSP has to offer in the NH Region.

My favorite is the Senior Program (both core elements of S&T and OEC) but there are many other opportunities to participate in.   MTR (Mountain Travel & Rescue) could be very helpful if you are an avid hiker or back country skier.  The MTR courses provide lots of valuable information on map reading, GPS use for navigation and trip planning.  Information and training in Avalanche courses may save your life someday if you know the score when you find yourself in an environment where chances are greater for slides and you’ve learned to understand the signs and symbols of avalanche warnings.

Instructor Development courses can be your first step to becoming an OEC Instructor and improving feeling more confident with your own skills.  ID is required to become an Instructor in any NSP program.

You may wish to choose attending a TELE ski clinic, Skier Enhancement or Toboggan Enhancement.  If you are interested in Ski & Toboggan clinics, keep in mind when you sign up for attendance to be specific about what you would like to work on.  If you are relatively new to patrolling and just want to step it up a notch with your toboggan handling skills then a course listed as “Toboggan Enhancement” may be best suited for you.  In that respect you can tell your instructor(s) for the day what you would like to concentrate on.

If you are entering the “ Senior Program” and have filled out your intent paperwork signed by your Patrol Director, then courses listed as (“Senior S&T clinic”) would be appropriate for that purpose.  Senior S&T clinics are designed to cover all the elements of skiing skills & toboggan handling which you will eventually be evaluated on at the end of the season.  This is not to say that you cannot attend a Senior S&T clinic if you are not in the program officially however, be aware that the clinic will move at the rate of near Senior level performance and intensity.  It can sometimes be a gauge of where you are.

There are also Patrollers’ Schools listed on the calendar which provide a great opportunity for further experience.  These are run by the Eastern Division.

Please take the time to review the Region Calendar often and see what will interest you.  The calendar does change at times so take a peek now and then and sign up for some fun and in the process gain some further skills and knowledge.  I look forward to seeing you on the slopes and working with you.

Thank you for considering.

Lisa Kling
Northern Sec. Chief/Asst Region Director